Our Story

       Pasadena Alumnae Chapter was installed April 26, 1940 with 23 charter members. Florence Primeaux served as first President. 

       In 1947, PAC inaugurated its annual scholarship auditions, open to students majoring in music in colleges and universities in Southern California. Since its beginning, this effort has presented some 150 scholarships to talented music students. Benefit concerts to support this program have been given by honorary members Eula Beal, Alice Ehlers, Marie Gibson, Susann McDonald, Lois Lynn Rogers, the Schoenfeld Duo, Eudice Shapiro and Lillian Steuber. Our own members have frequently performed for the benefit concert series.

       PAC received the National Alumnae Achievement Award in 1948, 1949, 1970, 1980, 1994 and 1995 and the Delta A Province Achievement Award in 1987, 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2008. It has been recognized at national and province levels for
the excellence of its programs, Yearbooks and the Radio Series, which included 700 consecutive broadcasts.

       In April of 1990, PAC celebrated its Golden Anniversary, and in May 2000 its 60th Anniversary, which was marked with a tea, musicale and presentation of the Community Music Service Award. 2009 is a proud landmark: PAC is seventy years

       The Chapter publishes PasaPipes, a newsletter which has won several national awards. The Chapter has presented its Community Music Service Award to outstanding music leaders and organizations in the Pasadena area. It has served as "big sister" to college chapters at Occidental College, USC Thornton School of Music and CSUN. PAC participated in the national Bold Note Music Transcription Project for 17 years.

       Musical performance is a key to our sisterhood, and PAC members have performed regularly at Delta A Province Days, National Conventions, public musicales, scholarship benefits, retirement homes, hospitals and civic organizations. As a member of Inter-Chapter Council, PAC received recognition for leadership and service for Project Mexico, 1993 and 2000.



National Alumnae Chapter Service Award - 2018
Annelle Chandler McAdams Alumnae Service Award - 2017

Top Province Alumnae Chapters - 1962
Top Alumnae Chapter Award - 1970, 1973
Alumnae Chapter Achievement Award
- 1947, 1948, 1961 Runner Up, 1965 Runner Up, 1969, 1972 Runner Up, 1975 Runner Up, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1987 Finalist, 1995, 1997 Finalist, 1999
Alumnae Province Achievement Award - 1981, 1996, 2007
Alumnae Chapter Province Achievement Award - 2015

Program Counselor Award - 1955 American Contemporary Program, 1958 General Program, 1961 Yearbook, 1962 Special Recognition for
Consistently High-Level Programming Throughout the Season & Organ-Choral, 1964 Yearbooks, 1965 Yearbooks, 1966 General Programming, 1970 General, 1971 General Programs, 1975 Yearbook Content, 1976 Yearbook Content
Best Planned Program - College And Alumnae American Contemporary General Program For The Public - 1954
General Programming - 1965
Newsletter Award - 1981, 1982
Program and Yearbook Award - 1978
Special Commendation, 1980 General Program
Public Musicale - 1982
Chapter Radio-TV Awards - 1963
Series Radio, 1964 Series Radio, 1965 Radio Series


Our Members

In total we have 28 Members, including 8 associates.  
They are:
Annis, Tia
Bowman, Breannah
Boucher, Shirley
Brow, Gail
Brown, Gwendolyn
Drayer, Jordan
Eliason, Lauren
Fay, Fern
Hansen, Leiza
Haycraft, Dr. JoAnn
Hense, Mary S.
Hirlinger, Kristen
Ichino, Estelle
Janofsky, Bonnie Ruth
Kasle, Kelly
Kuhr, Paula
Lessley, Carolyn
Marshall, Edie
McMurray, Lindsay
Peace, Susanne
Poe, Marjorie
Price, Patricia
Roberts, Maryel
Sabonjohn, Victoria
Stong, Jacqueline
Tully, Sandra (President)
Wadsworth, Sachi
Watts, Akilah
Yamada, Liska
Yokum, Elliot

Christopher, Sally
Dwight, Jacqueline
Lanski, Elizabeth
Lynch, Katerina
Michalsky, Marilyn S.
Savarese, Dr. Mary Jane
Shimizu, Margaret
Wynton, Mary