2019 Scholarship Competition Winners Announced!

Competition Announcement Date



Our Scholarship Competition provides a $1,000 first prize and $500 second prize awards for the winners in the following categories:

  • Voice

  • Piano

  • Instrumental

All winners, in order to claim their prize, must perform at a public Winners’ Recital to be held on Sunday, April 14th, 2019 at 2:30pm at the Pasadena Public Library.


There are a total of 3 parts to your application that must be completed by February 18th, 2019:

1. Application Form-You can either download the Application to fill out and email to our Scholarship Chair, Tia Annis, at saipacscholarship@gmail.com or fill out our Online Form.

2. Proof of Enrollment- You can upload your proof to our SAI Dropbox folder (it will show as a request from the webmaster, Lindsay McMurray) or send via email to saipacscholarship@gmail.com.

3. Application Fee- There is a $40.00 non-refundable application fee.  You can pay online via PayPal


Applicant must be currently enrolled as a music major at a four-year college or university, a college-level music conservatory, or a 2 year community college in Southern California [Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties].

Past winners of SAI-Pasadena Alumnae Music Scholarship Awards are not eligible.

Competition Requirements

·        Applicants must be college music majors between the ages of 18-25 on the day of the competition.
·        Proof of enrollment as a Music Major. Such as, current unofficial transcript, current class schedule, or a signed letter of recommendation from a professor stating current major.
·        A non-refundable entry fee of $40 will be included with the application. 
·        Applicants perform a ten-minute (maximum) audition for a panel of judges.  



·        Two selections will be chosen from major 17th – 21st century repertoire and will demonstrate contrasting style periods and tempi. No popular music.
·        Please note: Only one piano is available in the hall, so piano concerti cannot be accommodated.  Instrumental concerti are accepted.  

Applicant must provide an accompanist, as needed. Applicant must bring music for each of the three (3) judges.


·        Selections will be chosen from the major 17th – 21st century repertoire and will demonstrate contrasting style periods and tempi. No popular music. 
·       Two or three selections may be sung. One must be an operatic aria or art song. 
·        One selection must be sung in a foreign language. 
·        One selection may be music from a Broadway musical or operetta. 

 Applicant must provide an accompanist, as needed. Applicant must bring music for each of the three (3) judges.

Scholarship Awards

Scholarships, awarded at the discretion of the judges, are given in piano, voice, and instrumental categories. Decisions of the judges are final. Winners receive a cash award to be presented at a public recital on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 2:30 pm.


1st Place Winners will perform a 20 minute set, and 2nd Place Winners will perform a 10 minute set.


Call Tia Annis, SAI Scholarship Chair, at (818) 296-5358 OR email at saipacscholarship@gmail.com.

List of Winners 1980-2018

1980 Gordon Halligan, CSUN; Nancy Bronder, CSUN
1981 Janet Steinberg, USC; Jennifer Nelson, USC
1982 Catherine Heusner, USC; Debbie Voight, CSUF
1983 Nico Abondalo, USC; Thomas Randle, USC
1984 Anna Maria Baeza, USC; Myra Wilkes, USC
1985 Charles Fernandez, UCLA; Peter Reilly, UCLA
1986 Karin Hoesli, CA; Jeanne Okrasinski, USC
1987 Sachiko Kato, CSUN; Laura Pallas, UCI; Steve Dunham, CC
1988 Piotr Anderszewski, USC; Tomasz Liebig, USC
1989 Nili Newman; Richard Bernstein; Linda Wang, all USC
1990 Anita Krause; Nicole Monahan; Alayne Faraone, all USC
1991 Lauri Mendes CSUF; Shira Adler, UCLA; William Wilson, CSUN
1992 Rei Hotoda, USC; Robin Bartunek, UCLA; Bongshin Ko, USC
1993 Mikhail Korzhev, USC; Andrew McQuery, OC; Kun Dong, USC
1994 Kiril Gliadkovsky, USC; Mary Beth Wright, UCI; Kristel Hayes, UCI;
          Serge Oskotsky, USC
1995 Robert Thies, USC; Jennifer Mathious, USC; Marek Szpakiewicz, USC;
         Wendy Lin, USC
1996 Erin Wood, UCLA; Tina Qu, USC; Deborah Buck-Mathews, USC
1997 Annie Lin, USC; Dante Hernandez, USC; Jacqueline Goldgorin, CSUF;
          Monique Donnelly, APU
1998 Sara Kleeman, CSUN; Sara Larsen, CSULB; PaNaoko Takada, CSUN;
          Laura Rigby, CSUF
1999 Shan Jiang, USC; Xiaomu Fang, USC; Michael Rochios, CC;
          Grace Fong, USC
2000 Jin Chei, CSUN’ Gina An, CSUN
2001 Kazem Abdullah, USC; Mandy Burke, CSULB Gina Graziado, CSULB’ Yang Shen, USC
2002 Annie Chon, UCLA’ Lucy Chuang, USC; Gal Faganel, USC;
           Shushanik Hovakimyan, USC
2003 Anne Yoon, CSULB; Shira Thomas, CSUN; Marco Lipari, UCSB, 
          Myroslava Khomik, CC
2004 Hosana Anjiki, B; Aneta Augustyn, CSLB’ Jennifer Jester, CA
2005 Yoo-Jung Chang, CSUN; Ryan Goessl, USC; Sara Sumitani, USC
2006 Jessica Gross, CSULB; Katherine Harris, APU; Laura Odegaard, USC
2007 Keith Colcough, P; Jason Issokson, USC; Anna Volovitvh, APU
2008 Iida Akane, USC; Yao Wang, USC; Katherine Trimble, CC
2009 Shishi He, USC; Lyndsey Hoh, USC; Lauren Michelle Criddle, P
2010 Nathan Cottrell, B; Jennifer Juang, APU; Jonathan Sandberg, UCI
2011 Calista Hoffman, USC; Emilio Borhesan, USC; Alin Melik-Adamyan, USC
2012 Kyle Shafiee, USC; Leslie Cook, UCLA; Pedro Victorino, CSUF
2013 Andrew Harrison, USC; Emily Dyer, Chapman University
2014 Regina Ngo, USC; Vanessa Vasquez, UCLA; Christina Cheon, Chapman
2015 Dongni Xie, USC; Micah Wright, USC; Chelsea Chaves, USC
2017 1st Places - Ednaldo Alves, APU; Sean Tang-Wang, UCLA
       2nd Places - Hyojeong Kim, APU; Elise Solberg, USC
2018 1st Places - Kendall Harb, CSUF; Tiffany Chen, USC
       2nd Place - Yi Chang, PCC

For donations to the Scholarship Fund, please contact Tia Annis at saipacscholarship@gmail.com.

Final performances of competition winners are held at Pasadena Public Library is located at 285 E Walnut Street in Pasadena.